Monday, December 31, 2007

Big Curry Christmas

This was Christmas for the Curry family that includes Tom's family. I know, that's an awful lot of Christmas, but the more merriment, the better! Samantha has taken to calling this 'fake' Christmas much to the chagrin of Grandma and Poppa, but Tom and I both find our immature funny bones rumbling with laughter at how a child's sense of rules and legitimacy work!

We were really spoiled by them this year, especially the kids, and had quite a haul to take home. Maybe Christmas isn't so 'fake' anymore! LOL! Anyhow, Sammy was quite the ham and scene stealer all day, and made it hard to get pictures of other people. I managed to get a lot of Finn because he moves so much, and some nice ones with Grandma, but I have virtually none with Poppa or Bob without her standing in the middle of them, or darting in and out of them. Needless to say she was quite excitable with all the gifts, and very interested in what everyone else got, as well as what she did!

Well, here are the pics I did get!

You mean we get presents here, too? This is CRAZY!

It's time to get festive!

Thanks for helping grandma, but I'd rather not wear it.

Sam needed in on the action again. This is what most of my pics look like, LOL!

Even the hat became hers at some point! She looks cute in it though!

Does Bob know his brother, or what? What a fitting gift. Tom was pleased.

This spinny ball thing is Finn's NEW favorite toy.

I know, he cycles through faves in a hurry, but I SWEAR he was obsessed with the thing, and it didn't leave his side all night.

He was tired because he missed his nap, so he snuggled with it in Tom's lap while trying to sleep, still spinning and singing away!

Even with Sammy checking it out, he held tight to his new prize!

This toy is even good to sit on!

Man, is that comfy!

I like to play with it on Daddy, too.

Grandma picked a good toy, because I think I'll all but sleep with this one!

How come daddy never smiles?

Look at this COASTER! Let's compare and see if he likes it better than his presents...

Id' say this one is a tie.

The coaster wins this one hands down.

This one too.

mmm, this one is a tie. Well, not really! Of course, once he figures out that they DO things, he's going to go crazy! But it's just so funny what they find amusing at first.

Here are a few sweet smiles with Grandma while Poppa made faces!

Look at those dimples!

Finn was so tired! But even in his exhaustion he hardly held still. But for the moment I caught him calmly snuggling with grandma.

It's not a great action shot, but here is Poppa waiting for a gift on the couch.

Oh, and did I mention it's his birthday? He's old as dirt now, it's official.

And here's Bob eating trail mix. Sorry Bob, it's the only picture I got.

A sleepy boy on a comfy daddy.

Well, that's all for now, folks!

Christmas Pop-Balls

Backstory: We had nerf guns. Lots and lots of them. And we fought with them relentlessly when we got them one Christmas, and it continued for years. It is a classic family memory of my dad, holding two nerf guns in the belt of his robe like holsters, and beating our candy-asses with the nerf guns. It was one of those things that defines a lifetime.

There are also photos in the family album that I don't have access to (digitally) of me shoving a ping pong ball in my mouth and then laying on top of my dad and trying to put it into his mouth. I was about Finn's age, and the images are funnier than the calico shag carpeting.

Needless to say, I bought some popguns for Chris, Erin and Finn so we could remember my Dad on Xmas, and Finn took quite a shine to them. More than I would have anticipated. The balls were shot only a few times (once in my face by Chris by accident), and then all the fun was had by Finn.

Hmmm, what can I do with these things?

The yellow one tastes pretty good.

What does the red one taste like?

OK, now let's trade.

These have a great consistency. Are you sure they're not food?

I think the red one tastes the best.

Well, maybe the yellow... I can't decide.

They're just so delicious. Daddy, will you help me decide?

Well now you're just being silly.

You keep the yellow one, and I'll chew on the red for a while. Then we can trade.

Reid Family X-mas-- the day of

We got a late start because Finn gave us the gift of sleep-- he slept until 10am!!! It was bliss!! But it did put us behind a bit, and we didn't even get to presents at my mom's house until the sun was going down. Oops! But it was a good day, and here are some pics.
This paper ROCKS MY WORLD!!

This plane ain't so bad either.

This is a flashlight? Seriously?

I'm already so into boy stuff it's crazy!


Mommy tried to make me stop by loving me...

But Daddy likes it when I BANG on stuff!

Finn and Grandma talking about Santa.

Here Grandma, eat this thing. It's good. I've been eating it all day.


Yes, I am aware it's a train. But I'm calling it a truck and it's my favorite toy right now.

Daddy... make it GO!!

Where did all that extra crap go?