Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Nine Month Problem

I've come to discover a very strange thing about baby clothes. They come in size 0-3 mo, 3-6mo, 6-9mo, and 12mo. Some stores carry a separate 6mo and 9mo size, and Old Navy has a 6-12mo size, though I'm not sure how it will fit, as that is a lot of growth to fit into one little clothing item.

Anyway, my complaint is that no one seems to carry 9-12mo sized clothing. I've even gone so far as to ask stores why that is, and they all say they don't carry it but can't tell me why. I'm baffled! Now, I do most of Finn's shopping off the clearance rack in sizes larger that he is now, and get great volumes of clothing from Finn's Grandma Lynne who is an amazing garage saler. But I have found a hole in his wardrobe. Finn does still fit into 6-9 month clothing, but will soon have to wear things that are way too big for him because of this issue. I am so aggravated!

I do not understand this strange gap in sizing, and if anyone can explain it to me, please do! Otherwise you will have to forgive my normally polished looking son for his sloppy appearance, because apparently 9 month old babies don't need clothes!!

I know, I know enough blogging and more pictures! I was really sick today (out of nowhere) so I didn't get a chance to upload, and it's currently 1am, so I'm not going to do it now. I promise more pictures soon, and I have some really cute ones for you!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It's official, Finn takes after his father. Well, I suppose he could take after my father, as well.

He pooped FIVE TIMES today. FIVE. No paltry little poops either, we're talking diapers full of poop FIVE TIMES. It's unbelievable that such a little person could poop so much.

I wonder if he'll be empty for a few days, or if more is on its way tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New pics

This is mommy and daddy's new carpet. I got to test it out. It's good.

This is my favorite toy activity center. I stand and play with it all day long.

This is Daddy's treadmill, and it is also one of my favorite toys. As you can see, I am standing quite well with only one hand.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A day at the park

Monday, September 17, 2007

Daddy and Me

Standing Tall

Baby Houdini

How do I get through?

Super Baby

Finn has gotten to be sooooo much fun! I almost hate to put him to sleep because he is so playful and interactive now. He talks and chatters constantly and has started saying mamamamama (finally!). He is also weeks, if not days, from walking. He stands on his own now several times a day, and if you hold his hands, he runs like mad! He really likes it, and it's really cute to see! He's also really into bouncing and jumping. I think his legs are his favorite discovery so far! Check the videos on you tube for some action shots.

I've ordered some new baby gates (thanks Chuck and Mev) to completely baby proof my house-- he likes to climb the glass shelves of the entertainment center and he's ALWAYS climbing it. Once that is done, we have to cut a dowel rod so he can't open the china cabinet, and I think we're set for a while. He likes to play with the booze battles too, so I guess I still have to move those. I suppose it's just his Irish genes coming out already!

His favorite room of the house is the bathroom-- I know, I know, he takes after Tom in so many ways!!! He really likes to pull himself up and jump while holding on to the tub, and likes to turn over the garbage, play with the toilet paper, and destroy daddy's reading materials.

He's so great and I wish all of you from far away could see him! He's gorgeous, and only days away from 9 months old. I really don't understand how he got so old so fast, and it kills me to think he's almost a year old! I need to get planning for his b-day-- I know dates will be sticky that close to Christmas, so I'll put a Save-The-Date out there soon.

Well, that's all for now!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Look Who's Walking.....

Finn has started taking steps while assisted. He will nearly run while you hold his hands, and used a toy to walk all over Chuck and Meva's place on Thursday-- Chuck was kind enough to shoot some video of it that I have posted on you tube. It's so exciting! He should be walking on his own very shortly!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Look Closely!!!

In these pictures, you can see both teeth!

As always, click on the pictures for a larger image!

Tossing and Turning

This is seriously how he sleeps. I took these within 24 hours of one another... this one is nap time...

...and this one is bed time. Isn't he cute?! And he does this himself. It's so strange!

Is that a Tail?

I think I see a tail.... I'm not sure...

but I do think that I may have a baby primate...

all he does is climb!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mr. Universe

One tooth, two tooth, sharp tooth, new tooth

We have another tooth! Now the set is complete, and Remus and Romulous are thrilled to be reunited in the outside world once again. I tried to get a pic, but can only get a good one of Remus-- Romulous is still sore and elusive. Hooray for teeth-- the better to bite me with. D'oh!

Jail Bait

Thank God for these baby gates! He likes them, too. I keep wanting to dress him as he hamburglar and take his pis through the gates, but I don't have time to find a costume.

Baby Black and Blue

So, as previously mentioned, Finn is into crawling, climbing, and falling. The latter of which tends to leave him rather bruised up. He falls so often, I often wonder if he is doing significant damage to his nut. I have a theory I'd like to share... I think I know why humans only use 10% of their brains. It's because he hit our heads so much when we're learning to walk that we're all brain damaged. I'm not sure if I can get someone to study my hypothesis or not, but I think there might be something to it.

Anyway, he ALWAYS has bruises on his head and legs, but I thought I'd share his second shiner with you. Of course, it's four days old now, and almost healed-- but it was the result of a head on collision with the bathtub while standing. You can't see them here, but he actually has two other fading bruises on his forehead right now. I'm not taking him in public for a while, for fear someone will call DCFS.


This picture reminds me of Poltergeist when that blonde, meatball-headed girl stares at the TV screen. Look closely... can you find what is creepy in this picture?

Of course, it's only the dogs' eyes reflecting back at me in the night, but it kind of looks like a bunch of spooks. Deliciously creepy.

Hand me my grappling hook, please...

Well, I am beginning to wonder if Finn is a baby, or a monkey. He climbs all over everything all the time!!!! And of course, with climbing, comes falling--which he does at LEAST four times each day.

His favorite is to climb something and then smash at it with both fists while screaming in triumph.

And he always seems to zero in on something dangerous, and it takes him a very short time to get to it and try to smash it. Right now my ears are my best parenting asset-- as soon as it's quiet, I know he's on the move and I'd better find him before he breaks, eats, or ruins something important.

He can also stand on his own, and walk along things with no assistance. I give it a month before he's walking, and I rue the day!!! I can barely keep up with him now!!!

Random Life Pics

Well, we went to the park to try out the swings, but he's still way too little. I had to put a pillow behind him so he would even fit, and as you can see, he wasn't all that into it.

He was quite frightened, actually, and the same goes for the slide. The best thing for him at the park right now, is watching the other kids!

Why buy baby toys when a simple roll of toilet paper is all they need?

Oh, and the diaper box is excellent for floor surfing.

Mmmmm..... ginger snaps...

Mommy, I want to play, too! Look at those eyes!

I'm not sure how he got in there, but here is my rambunctious little boy trapped in a garbage can. This one makes laugh a lot.

Oh, and I put this here for Tom. His worst fear is birds, especially big ones.