Sunday, January 17, 2010

I forgot!

Here are some videos of Finn and Santa I almost forgot! Enjoy!


Photo of the year

nuff said.

Our private Christmas morning

Bromo needed a nap. :)

Playing with daddy's new silicon oven mitts!

Every toy goes onto Daddy's head eventually.

Finn got pooping animals for Christmas! They don't help too much with the potty, but they are AWESOME toys. :) Because poop is funny.

Picture of the year.

A very Curry Christmas

Finny helped Poppa open up his presents!!

And he helped Grandma Lynn give them all away!

This one is SO CUTE!

This one, too!


Now that is the face of a kid who is happy about his presents!

A very Reid Christmas

Finn LOVES these Bear Claw gloves!

Finn was in charge of presents. He only broke one.

Here is Auntie Ohney and Jake, newly engaged.

and Uncle Chris and Uncle Cassie, about to be engaged.

A Visit From Santa

This was the eve of Christmas Eve, about 5 minutes before I ran out to a birth. Santa was AMAZING, and so very jolly, but Finn was less than impressed. We had no tears, but he was very nervous, and distrustful, even after he got presents. After he left, however, Finn talked nonstop about how Santa came to his house, and was going to go down his chimney, and was overall very thrilled by the experience!

SPECIAL THANKS to our friend SANTA who drove out on horrible roads from Chicago in a snowstorm to do this for us! We love you!


or Finn?

You decide.