Wednesday, December 24, 2008


HAH!! Fooled ya!

Finn is pregnant with a sheep (a new favorite game). Enjoy!

Is that a sheep in your shirt, or are you just happy to see me?

It's Daddy Time

Many days, Finn saves up all his energy for when Daddy gets home, and EXPLODES for the hour or so before bedtime they have together. Here is some documentation of this.

As he gets older, he reminds me so much more of Sammy!

One of his favorite things is climb inside Daddy's robe and wrestle or snuggle. Womb mimic? You tell me...

Now for the video:

More Wrestling, same night.

Best Thing Ever

Finn sleepwalks. It's not my favorite thing. There have been times where he has woken us up at 3 screaming, and we couldn't find him. He was in his room, but nowhere to be found-- talk about panic. He had sleep-crawled under his bed and was stuck and confused when he woke up. He nearly gave me a heart attack!

He talks in his sleep a lot, too, and does a lot of weird things. It really adds an element of adventure to the 'big boy bed'!!!

Here's a pic of him during nap time, passed out cold in the middle of the floor in his room. Apparently he wanted to play with his books!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Father of the Year.

No doubt about it. They play hard and they sleep hard.

I love my men.

Crappy Chicago Weather

For those of you who live out of state, the weather here is unbearable. It's really cold, adn we've had ice storms that make mot everything impossible to do. The driveway is covered in a 4 inch deep sheet of ice that I cannot break with my shovel no matter how hard I try.

I had to chisel ice off my car, literally, in great falling sheets that cut my hands and flooded my garage. I went to the store, and where the parking lots were salted, there was sludge and giant puddles that were ankle deep, and everyone was fighting to get their carts to their cars, because they were all getting stuck. It was really horrible.

There are many trees that are coated in ice and bent all the way to the ground, or with broken branches due to the weight of the ice. All day long I saw people with shovels trying to chisel their garbage cans out of the ice because they froze to the ground after the garbage men came, and probably 1 out of 4 mailboxes in our neighborhood are gone or damaged. It looks like snow, but I promise you, it's all ice.

Here are some pics of the outside of the house to give you an idea.

My poor, frozen mums. I don't suppose they will be coming back.

These bushes are completely buried in ice.

These ones are getting there.

Here is a good shot of how thickly the branches are covered in ice.

A bush-cicle.

This tree in completely encased in ice. It's hard to see, but it's true.

This bush normally stands a foot or two taller. You can see that every single leaf and branch is covered in a thick coat of ice, and is weighing it down.

The poor bush. That branch on the ground snapped off when I walked by. Oops.

These are the millions of icicles hanging off the pergola in the backyard. These are everywhere, and at the grocery store cart return, they were horizontal from the wind blowing so hard. It was crazy.

This is my car, completely encased in ice. The hole in the ice over the windshield is because defog and heater were running for about 1/2 an hour BEFORE I took this picture.

More ice sheeting and icicles.

This took 45 minutes to get off my car. I couldn't even open the doors until after I had chiseled the ice off the handles, and the tracks the doors open along.

My windshield wipers took forever to get out of that! They were completely buried!

Something to brighten your day

This came to me from cousin Kimmie in a forward, and I just wanted to share because it's so heartwarming, and so sweet, it's guaranteed to brighten anyone's day.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not Naptime

One of the drawbacks of a big boy bed is that he can decide it's not nap time and play instead. He won't leave his room, because he knows it's nap time, and it makes me wonder if he just enjoys the alone time. This is him playing with and throwing his books, and pressing the buttons on a talking book he has.

Optimus Died.

He didn't make it. Only a day with Finn and he was destroyed. It's so sad. Finn keeps trying to bring him back, but his framing is all bent and he's not going to make it. Finn would have made an excellent transformer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Optimus Finn

Finn REALLY likes his new Optimus Prime tent. I don't know how much of it this will withstand, though.

Optimus Bromo

He likes Finn's new transformers tent, but only at naptime. Otherwise, it's Finn's toy all day long.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Curry Christmas Card

Keep it Green! Keep it on the screen! (Please)

Birthday Party!!!!

The Big TWO!
Ooh, are we doing cake?

Why are you all yelling at me???

What do you mean they're singing? To me?

Awww, shucks, guys.

Well, I suppose I can blow out the candle. Or at least I can purse my lips, lean forward and make blowing sounds.

I did it! (not really)

Well, the whole process freaked him out, but he was very happy to eat the cake afterwards!

I won't bore you with all the presents, but here are a few highlights.

He really got into them this year. He understood they were for him, and he liked the destruction part (big shock), and said thank you after each one.

He really liked these stuffed sheep which I think is odd and cute. There are three in his bed and he loves so sleep with them, line them up and throw them!

and also to hold them all at one time.

and kiss them.

Some peeps from the party: Here is Cassie, Finn's first crush. With the exception of this moment, he generally wants no one but her if she is around. He has good taste in beautiful women.

Poppa and Grandma. I think he might have been hitting one or both them in the face at the time.

Auntie Mev and Fudd, who, apparently is really upset no one told him about Hanukkah.

Rough housing!

Here are Mr. Finn and Mistress Sammy Soup going wild as they usually do when they're together.

Uncle Christopher

Graduated from Lewis University on Saturday with a Masters Degree. Now he can finally be master of his own domain. ;)

Chris and Cassie.

Cassie and her boyfriend.

weird ceremonial robing procedure.

a glimpse during the procession.