Monday, October 29, 2007

Peanut Envy

Finn, Bromo, and Daddy at the Halloween party.

Svengoolie hanging with the Finnmeister. I can't believe he wasn't scared.

The King. Nuff said.

Have baby, will travel, and fight zombies.

Finn's First Girlfriend

This is Ayanna.

She is two months older than Finn.

While simultaneously pregnant, Shimeka and I decided they would have an arranged marriage to one another.

Apparently, they like this idea.

What, with all the hugging and snuggling.

Learning to Read

Remember my hamper?

It didn't make it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ode to the Emergency Room

Let me start off by saying HE IS FINE. Then let me commence by saying I HATE HOSPITALS SO MUCH!!!

So, Finn managed to pull a computer monitor onto himself, and pin himself to the floor with it. It was already on the floor, and did not fall on to him so I have no idea how he managed this, and if I hadn't been 12 inches away when it happened, I wouldn't have believed it. It was one of those old, heavy models.

Anyway, there was a loud crash, and a louder scream, and I had to pull the monitor off of him to comfort him. Once I settled him down, I began to palpate the areas I though to be hurt (his collar bone, right arm, rib cage, and thoracic spine). This did not impress him, and he wailed anew. He was also holding his right arm limply up like an injured paw. I was also concerned with how hard he hit his head.

So, like any sane, rational person, I panicked. I called Meva (bless her), our friend who is a PA and works only a few miles from here, and got her answering service. I then called at home to see if she was there, and find out if she was still in the office so I could barge in after hours. She was unavailable, so I talked to Chuck (bless him, too). In a nutshell, he said forget Meva, and go to the ER, since she will probably just tell you to go there herself.

Well, I hate hospitals, so I had one more thing to try, and I called my local Chiropractor to see if he could shoot an X-ray to check for green-stick fractures, or other trauma. They all but laughed and told me to go to the ER. I made a quick call to Tom, and was out the door in less than 10 minutes.

Four minutes later I was at the ER, and Finn was getting lethargic, and very sedate. NOT a good sign when dealing with head injuries. We were taken back immediately and lynched by four doctors, two nurses, and several other support people in a matter of 10 minutes. I later found out that St. James is a Level 1 trauma center, and they're good at trauma. Well, Finn was a trauma case, but he was also evaluated by Peds, radiology, and a few others-- can't wait to get all those bills!! LOL!

In less than a half an hour they told me his films were clear, and we were to be watched for signs of a bad head injury, and then released. Except then a school bus hit a car, which pushed it into an intersection, causing more cars to crash, and they were all sent to the local trauma center-- which is where we were. Needless to say an hour of observation quickly became 5, and Finn was tugging at his monitors, chewing his blood pressure cuff, and fighting me tooth and nail to get into all the neat 'stuff' they have there.

All in all, the hospital was good but slow, and I had a very stressful day. I hope I never have to pull anything off of my son again. What a nightmare, but at least he is okay now. While at St James I saw the man who told me I was pregnant with Finn (Larry), and also encountered the bitchy nurse who was so rude to me when I left AMA because I already had home care and didn't need to be admitted for an IV. Larry was still nice, and that bitchy woman is still a super bitch. I thought she was just mean because I wasn't following orders. Apparently, she's just always like that. I'd hate to be her.

Anyway, Finn is sound asleep, dreaming his day away, and I think I hear a glass of wine calling my name...

My little Peanut

He cried when the peep showed up, and also when mommy put her wig on, but otherwise he likes his costume.

Pumpkin Farm!!!!

Yep, that's a punkin.

Sammy being coy. She's so gorgeous, isn't she?

a Punkin Pose.

Grandma, and Poppa, and Finn. All smiles.

A Fall Family Photo, and only one of us with our eyes open!

Appropriate? You be the judge...

Snoozing off the stimuli.

Glam Mistress Sam.



Finn and Poppa at the petting zoo.

Sammy on a ride with some over-sized freak who made an ass of himself.

Grandma and Finn.

Zombageddon. The family version.

A Tombie, I mean a Zombie.


We're moments away. He walks down the hallway with only the assistance of the wall (and barely), and he has taken several steps on his own. He hasn't done two steps together yet, but I'm sure he'll figure it out soon!

Here is a video of his little 'walker' that he is learning on-- as long as I'm not using it for the laundry, anyway.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Few New Firsts...

Finn started clapping his hands on Friday, and *gasp* took a step on Sunday night! Daddy was here to see it, and it was very exciting! He'll be walking before you know it!

He also knows how to get out of the seat belt on the grocery cart already, and also how to reach behind him to grab my groceries and throw them all over the floor, which is also awesome.

Did I mention we're working on gravity and cause and effect? Yep, we're playing the drop game. He drops EVERYTHING and waits for me to pick it up. I hate this game, so I hope he learns fast!

More later!

Who you gonna call... GOAT BUSTERS!!

A glimpse of our fun at the pumpkin farm. More pics to follow, I promise!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Under the Table and Dreaming...

Murrey and Me

My very own Pumpkin!


This is a toy that gained some notoriety in a small group of our friends, and Eggbird even had his own myspace page. It's strange and I don't really get it, bur apparently Finn does. This was a triplet toy, but Finn liked it so much Chuck let him take it home. Finn plays with it ALL DAY.

Daddy and Me


This is a sound often heard throughout my house. Finn is a smasher. We call him Captain Destructo. He smashes EVERYTHING against something else when he plays with it. Gentle is not a concept he understands yet. It's funny but loud, and it pleases him quite a bit.