Monday, November 12, 2007

All I want for Veteran's Day is my TWO FRONT TEETH!

The caption says it all. In the last two or three days, Finn's two front teeth have come through. They are not very visible yet so I don't have any pictures, but they are sharp, and hard! I think I also see another top tooth coming in next to them. My goodness, things are really speeding up!!

I'll post a pic when I can get a good one!

Friday, November 9, 2007


I stepped out of the room to go pee. That's all. I wasn't gone long. *Sigh*.
So these are my days now.

Some Items of Note

Finn is learning so quickly! Since his first steps just a few days ago, he walks upright almost all day long. If you say YAY! He starts clapping like crazy, it's so cute! As a matter of fact, yesterday, as Tom went to kiss him goodbye before work, Finn started clapping in his sleep! He said he just about melted to the floor after seeing that. Clearly their dreams develop with their bodies.

Another one of his favorite games is 'Where's the baby?" If you ask him this, he puts his hands on his head (supposed to be over his eyes, but it's hilarious when he covers his ears instead!), and will then abruptly pull them off so you will say "There he is!" It's so adorable.

Finn also waves, but not with any consistency. He has waved perfectly at strangers several times, but not on command just yet. We're also working on high 5's.

I also noticed that when we saw a dog yesterday he said Dh Dh and reached for it. I don't know how I missed this, but he says that when he chases our dogs at home, so he is trying to say dog! AWESOME!!!

Another thing Finn does in the tub is play with this ring. He will drop it over and over if you show him how, and Tom even got him to put the ring on the neck of a bottle earlier this week. He's so fun, you can just watch him figure things out and learn as he goes. It's the best science experiment I have ever done!!

Above are pics of Finn 'learning' to take all my movies off the shelf. *sigh*. Some things, I wish he wouldn't figure out at all!

DANGERous Activities

Yes, my son DID hurt himself again. I tell you, this kid is going to give me a coronary. When I was a childless person, and I would hear moms talking about how rambunctious or hyperactive their kids were, or how often they got hurt, I judged them. I thought, "You just must not be a very good mother." I suppose I wasn't really aware I was doing that, but I did think that I would NEVER run into those same problems, because I am me, and well, because bad things can't happen to me (yeah, right).

Well, now I have a really daredevil kid who is into EVERYTHING and gets hurt all the time, and I feel ashamed that I'm not living up to my own standards. I guess what you don't realize when you don't have any kids, is that proximity and mothering have nothing to do with whether your kid gets hurt or not. You can be literally 6 inches away and not be able to stop them from falling down, or pulling something onto their head, or a whole variety of other dangerous activities. Like watching them fall headlong into a piece of exercise equipment, and then cleaning up a quarter inch bloody gash from their forehead. Like I did this week. Thankfully, he did not need stitches.

Well, such is par for the course, I guess. Motherhood truly is an adventure. Especially with Finn. I suppose we named him aptly.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All in a Day

Well, so far it's 12:30 and Finn has:

1. Put Cheerios in one of my shoes. I didn't discover this, of course until I put it on.

2. Thrown a roll of toilet paper in the shower with me

3. Lost the DVD remote

4. Pulled the dog leashes out of the drawer (which creates serious pandemonium)

5. Pulled all of the DVDs off the bottom shelf

May I reiterate it is ONLY 12:30? This walking thing has me licked! I need to move faster!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fall Pictures

Random Pictures

Here we are practicing walking at Pretzel's house on the carpet. Wheeee!

Looking in admiration at Daddy.

If you're ever at my house and we're out of toilet paper... this is why.

This was so cute. While practicing walking he got really nervous and sensitive, and played this hug game. After he walked to us, he snuggled with us and hugged us for a few minutes before he was ready to try again. He's not much of a snuggler, so that was a real treat!

Walking Footage

Friday, November 2, 2007

We're Mobile!

Today, Finn started walking. OFFICIALLY!! Last week Chuck said he walked while I was at work, but he may have just been yanking my chain, because he just did it the one time. Then, at work yesterday, he took 3 steps.

This morning he took 3 steps in the bathroom, eight in the bedroom, and four or five in the basement several times!! I'm so proud and so excited!

Everyone keeps joking about how on my toes I will have to be-- but my response is that I look forward to the exercise, and the weight loss!!!

I will get footage as soon as I can and post it for all to see.

Oh! And one more thing-- any day now, Finn's two front teeth will be in. They're just about in now.

Halloween at Poppa's House

Finn and Sam. You can totally tell they're cousins. They're both mostly Dad except for their eyes (just like Harry Potter- AWESOME).

Finn wore two of his three costumes. He was a Ghost (Casper-esque) and a Peanut. The pumpkin costume is just for his Fall pictures, which I haven't been able to take yet but hope to this weekend.

For some reason, Sammy was playing with am umbrella, and Finn really liked it, so Poppa Popped it open for him to see.

It's less than shocking that Sammy was a cowgirl when you know her dad. He has been known as 'cowboy bob' for years, now. Sammy, though, has a princess addiction. So while I was expecting Cinderella, Snow White, or a Fairy Princess, I wasn't too surprised to see her in this!

Mr. Peanut at your service.