Friday, August 24, 2007

We Survived!!!

Well, we were hit with the storm of the century out here, and it was really something. Tornadoes by day, and thunderstorms by night. I was actually in the basement with Finn Mei Tai'ed to me, wrapped in a blanket with shoes on and a flashlight and my cell phone in my pocket, and the dogs with me, all ready to hide in the bathroom when it hit. A funnel cloud took the roof off a building at Cicero and Sauk Trail (Laraway Rd), which is only about 3/4 mile from here, and it was black as night at 2 pm. Storms like this continued all day and night. Tom was trapped at work for hours and didn't get home until very late.

We had a lot of tree breakage, and large branches, and portions of trees in the road, but Matteson was great about getting road crews out right away to clear stuff up. Even the garbage men were loading branches into their trucks along their route! I must say, I was quite impressed, and we only lost power for a few moments. I guess I'll forgive them for not having animal control to help with the skunk problem. I guess they dump all the money saved from animal control into storm recovery units!!!

I saw some pictures of New Lenox on myspace, and it looks like they got hit A LOT harder than we did. The place is trashed. My mom is out of town and I am waiting to hear from my brother as to how he fared last night. I'm sure I would have heard from him if it was bad.

Throughout the night, however, we took on a lot of water. I'm not sure if the sump is overwhelmed, or broken, but I'm surprised because we have a battery backup attached to it for just such an event. Our backyard is flooded, too, though, so it could be that there is just no place for the water to go. Anyway, the carpet is trashed, and a lot of Pretzel's things got wet, but hopefully are not ruined. I'd say we had 1-2 inches. Thankfully, the rain did not continue today, as forcasted, because I'm afraid of where the water will go next!!!

I spent the morning cleaning out Pretzel's house as best i could with Finn with me. Then he came home from work at noon, and was soon joined by my SAINTLY brother in law and his girlfriend, who really saved the day. We had EVERYTHING up off the carpet and into the un-flooded kitchen within 40 minutes or so, and then Bob (who used to work for a carpet cleaner) pulled up portions of the carpet and put an air mover under there, as well as wet/dry vac'ing the corners and bathroom. All in all, I think we've lost the carpet and some drywall, some of the bathroom tiling, and maybe a sump, but thankfully nothing else. And I hope the homeowners insurance will pick those things up!

What a stressful morning, though! And of course this happens at the end of the month so Tom had to go in to work (unless you're dead, or really close to it, you don't miss the end of the month), and I was alone with Finn, trying to figure out what to do about all the chaos down there!!! I was not a happy camper. But all is well that ends well, I guess. I hope all of you fared ok, and you out-of-towners are lucky to have missed it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eight month Update

Finn's hair is coming in nicely now, not as red as we hoped, but he has a sweet little tuft in front and the bald spot in back is filling in now, as well. His mullet has lightened and disappeared, as well. He talks a lot, making throaty, guttural sounds, or squeaking, or just saying 'ooooooh' over and over again. He also likes to say 'tsuh tsuh tsuh' with his tongue, and there is a video of that up if you haven't seen it yet.

He crawls, stands, and is starting to take steps wile holding on to things. I feel like it's just too fast! I wish he would slow down so I could enjoy him more. He seems to be teething again, so I'm expecting another tooth soon. Teething is NO FUN.

He still isn't sleeping through the night, and I'm getting a bit crazy... I was trying to break him of sleeping in our bed, but that seems a small price to pay for him to sleep most nights... I know it's going to be terrible to break him of this, but I guess I'll wait until he sleeps longer so I can handle it better and I'm not so tempted to just give in to him.

The dogs are still his number one entertainment, but rubber ducks have taken a close second. We cannot go anywhere without a duck. It's crazy. Though, he still takes about six murrey baths a day!

He's gotten pretty demanding, and pretty persistent, as well. Boy, when he wants something he goes after it, and if you tell him he can't have it-- watch out! I swear he throws mini temper tantrums already! He arches his back and flails his limbs and screams!!! That is not my favorite, but it does make me laugh sometimes. He takes his toys so seriously! He's also into EVERYTHING, and it's getting harder to keep an eye on him. It really only takes him about 30 seconds now to find something dangerous in the room and go for it.

He also shoves everything into his mouth, now. His fist, his feet, his toys, his clothes, your hands, everything! But now he has a tooth (Remis), so it hurts.

All in all, he's still a sweet boy, but the challenges are getting greater, and I fear he will be a year old the next time I blink!

Don't forget to check out the video links, I am uploading 5 more today! More later!

Fun with toilet paper

Seriously, who knew the stuff was that exciting?

Able Bodied

First, i crawl under mommy's rocking chair, which is a fascinating toy. And I always make sure to bring my stool with me. it helps keep me steady, cuz that chair can really move.

Then i break to eat some toys. That pink donut is my fave.

Then I decide to stretch my legs some...

And I start to scoot out from under my rocking chair fort.

Then I stand up again and i bang on my stool.

Then i usually chase a puppy or go find mommy.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shiner! EDIT

I know it's hard to see in the pictures, but Finn has a black eye-- mostly over his rather than under . He did a face plant while trying to stand (again), and landed flat on his face, literally. I worried that Remis (his tooth) may have poked through or into his lip, but thankfully he's not in far enough to do that yet, so all we have is a shiner!

It's really cute and really sad all at once. Like he got into a baby fight, or is a baby gangsta or something....

So, it got not so funny when he started to really not feel well, was really sedentary and was crying and sleeping a lot, so I took him to a Doctor friend of mine. Turns out (as evidenced by his dry heaves and mild nausea later that day) that he may have given himself a mild concussion! I can't believe it! It's so dangerous to be a baby! Anyway, he is fine now, and the bruising got darker and larger as the day went on, but already seems to be lightening up a bit. By 10 pm he seemed like a pretty regular baby with maybe a slight headache.

I tell you, it's hard to be a baby!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

We have a tooth!

Finn gave birth to a shiny little clump of calcium out of his left lower mandible today. He is sore but both tooth and child are doing well. Pictures to follow.

Friday, August 10, 2007

New Videos

I will be working on posting 8 or 9 new videos of Finn being gorgeous or hilarious today, but it is quite time consuming, so maybe check again tomorrow and they will all hopefully be up.

Also, for the non-web saavy, when done viewing a video, hit the back button of your web browser to go back to my 'channel' or home page, otherwise it just shows you similar videos from all you tube users all over the world.

And as always, click on a picture to see a larger image, and the back button to return to where you were!

Thanks for checking in!

Who needs a maid?

Finn is so sweet, he tried to help me with my domestic duties...

like sweeping with a smile...

(Oh, and he sang the chim-chimery song while he did it. it was weird...)

and he helped me empty the garbage cans...

God, I love this kid.

Cute as can be!

I might not look like it, but I do NOT like peaches. ick.

Team Curry- The Extended Version

Here is Finn and his cousin Sammy Soup. Cute as can be!

Except for their coloring and eyes (both have their mothers' eyes-- much like Harry Potter), I think there is a pretty strong resemblance.

Oh, our sultry little Soupie! She's such a ham!


Three generations of Curry men. Watch out for wisecracks.

Poppa, Odie, and Finn on the floor. Finn REALLY likes Odie, but the feeling is NOT mutual... at least not until he learns to be gentle. Finn, that is, Poppa already knows how.

Grandma and Finn sharing a laugh.

Goin' for a walk...

Talk about a head case!

Chillin' with the fam.

Look what I can do!

Finn stands up on his own all the time, now. Wherever there is a chair or anything he can hold onto, he hoists himself up for a stand. Oh, and he totally moved that stool there himself.

I often catch him standing around staring, as if he's taking in his new, higher vantage point. It makes me laugh, so I snapped these.

His legs are very strong and I have little doubt he will be an early walker. We're also sprouting teeth and have had a few very nasty days. Two bottom teeth are almost in, and they can be both seen and felt just at the gum line ready to break through. We have watery eyes, a runny nose, a fever, and major squalls to tell us each time they get closer to 'in'. I'll keep you posted...

Like Father, Like Son (again)

It's amazing to me how early they start drooling over power tools.


I TOLD you I was tired.

I wonder why I didn't listen?

LOVE your feet

Or rather scrub them... because you never know who might be waiting to lick your shoes...

Don't I have cute sandals?

And yes, his shirt DOES say, spank me I'm Irish. It rocks.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

No more naps for me!!!

Ok, so my computer is still broken, and I have literally 300 or so pics to sort and post... but I just uploaded these to show Tom-- who has missed the trick so far, and thought I'd share.

Soon, I will post hours worth of pictures and stories....promise. I love technology.