Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cooing and Grabbing and Growing, Oh My!

Finn is growing so much and so quickly! I would do anything to make him stop! At a La Leche League meeting this week there were 3 babies under a month old, and I was just floored at how tiny those babies were, and I can hardly remember when Finn was that small. That makes me sad, and it also makes me want another baby! This scares Tom and he keeps asking what I did with his wife when I start talking about more kids. It will be a ways in the future, of course, but there will be more children. I think I’m a mommy junkie.

Finn turned 4 months old last weekend, and is weighing in at 14.6 lbs these days. Shockingly over double his birth weight (which they are supposed to reach by 6 months) so he is ahead of the game with his size.

His hair is turning red, which is VERY exciting for both of us, and he has discovered his voice. He spends all day squealing, yelling, and cooing. It’s just adorable and we can’t get enough of it. He also did his first belly laught a week or so ago, which was just amazing, and he also wrinkled his nose while laughing the other day—just like Mommy does! It made my heart melt! He looks so much like daddy it makes me really excited to see him do something like me.

He has really mastered using his hands in the last week. He can now reach for something and grab it straight away, without having to scale where the object is. He likes to grab my hair, glasses, and anything else within reach. He spends so much time on his bouncer or swing just holding onto the toys—he kind of looks like a gymnast. It’s awesome. He also took off Uncle Chris’s hat last week while he was visiting.

He still hasn’t rolled over yet, which surprises me. He is completely capable of doing it, I think he just doesn’t get what fun it will be for him yet. He rolls most of the way over, twists, and hangs out that way instead of completing the turn. It makes me laugh. Here are some pics of Tummy time, to help him strengthen his neck and back muscles.

I also had to include this picture of his ‘concentration face’. Sometimes he works so hard at something he screws up his face

this way and it is so cute. In this one he is on his bouncer trying to figure out how to get to the moving fish in the display while kicking the crap out of the plastic hanging fish.

We went on our first picnic while the weather was nice last weekend, and he just loved the way the breeze felt. It was the first time he felt a breeze on his bare skin because it was warm enough for him to be out without a blanket on. He really seemed to take it all in, and he slept like crazy that afternoon because he was so worn out!

We also took him to a candlelight bowl last week for a fundraising event, and he did surprisingly well. He likes loud places, and really liked the lights and music. He did not, however, care for the smoke, and after a while he was on sensory overload and I had to rock him to sleep in the mei tai (baby carrier that saved my life that is the best invention EVER, check out for an example). I did a lot of bowling with him on my hip, though, and did astonishingly better with him than without. It was an exciting experience for all of us.

I will close with a pic of Daddy n Finn hanging out after work. I will post more soon. I hope the weather stays nice, because we are definitely looking forward to more picnics!

Love to all!

Team Curry


Are you sure you wanted mustard with that????

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Smiley boy

Okay, I guess it's time for a real update. Finnegan is 3.5 months old now, and quite the looker. He has been standing with assistance since about two months and has started shuffling his feet a bit now as if he wants to walk. Slow down! He has also realized recently that his feet do things, and he has enjoyed kicking the ball on his playmat with vigor. His favorite punching bag, though, is still mommy. Especially my boobs. And I thought they were sore when I was pregnant-- hah!

He has been social smiling now for about 3-5 weeks, and that is just the most awesome thing ever! It seems like he is always smiling now, except when he is crying. Which is also often. Here's a pic.

Another new development is his ability to reach for, grab onto, and hold items. He's getting better and better at indicating what he wants and reaching for it. About a week ago, he reached out to pet Bromo and grabbed his head all on his own. It was so sweet, and as usual, Bromo didn't even get up.

He hasn't rolled over yet, but I don't give him long. He makes it about 2/3 of the way over and stops to look around. I think he has the muscle development to do it, but doesn't understand what it will do for him if he goes all the way over. I don't think it will take him long to figure out the advantages to rolling, though. I'm sure he'll roll off his first piece of furniture in the coming weeks, and I will cry harder than he will.

Finn can also lean toward you and reach if he wants you, which is very sweet, and quite endearing. Another recent trick is arching his back. I know it doesn't sound like much, but he gets into quite a heft of trouble with this one, especially in the tub. He has learned how to arch and scoot in such a manner that he can move himself clear of his little bath chair and into the water. He's nose dived into the water 5 or 6 times now, and each time cries like crazy while the water drains from his nose. I wonder when he will learn cause and effect? He loves the tub, and has been trying to put his head under the water since his first bath. I think I have a little swimmer on my hands. I look forward to swimming classes with him in a few months. I bought him adorable little swim trunks with bugs on them for grandma's pool and swimming classes. I can't wait for him to wear them! Though I'm less excited about putting on my own swim suit....

He' s not quite teething yet either, but eight teeth are visible through his gums now, and he's drooling like crazy and ALWAYS has his hand in his mouth. I know it's coming soon. My nipples look forward to it. :)

Well, I think this is all for now. Enjoy the April snow. It brings May.... grow? show? dough? Your guess is as good as mine. This weather sucks. Ta Ta for now!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Here are some pics of Easter. We got a new camera, so they should look better than the old ones did. I know he'll never forgive me for the Easter Basket pics, but I really couldn't help myself! He also only wore his CUTE Easter outfit for about an hour, as he had an anal explosion all over grandma about 10 minutes after arriving. Needless to say, the diaper didn't hold. Erin and Jake didn't even get to see him in it!

Also humorous, he spit up into grandma's mouth later that evening. I guess she just brings out the best in him! Well, enough for now. Have a good day all!

Monday, April 9, 2007

YES, Danger IS my middle name!!

Hello, friends! It was suggested to me that I start a blog about Finnegan (the cutest baby in the world) so people can read up on his exploits and check out his gorgeous pics at their leisure! So, here is my attempt to create such a space. I'm not so good at computer stuff, so you may have to forgive my novice. But I hope that you'll enjoy my boy more than you are irritated by my lacking technical skills. So, check in every so often and read up on my gorgeous little guy, and see how he's grown!