Tuesday, May 29, 2007

California Pics

I like when Grandma holds me

This is my new friend Shammy, and my Auntie Bubbles. I love them!
Jason will teach me to surf, and I will get to meet Adam soon!

This is my Great-Gram, and she loves me like I'm hers. Literally, I think.

Here is my Great Uncle Jeff and I hanging out during Chocolate Martini time.
Like my sunburn?

Looks like nap time!


Well, we've just returned home from SoCal, where we were visiting Gram (Finn's Great-Grandma), Aunt Luanne (Auntie Bubbles), and the rest of the Sobieski crew (Jeffrey, Jason, and sans Adam). It was a short trip but was nice to get away, and the trip was relaxing and comfortable thanks to our gracious hosts!

It was Finn's first time meeting all of them, and he really enjoyed the attention. Gram loved him so much. She just wouldn't put him down. Oftentimes I had to argue with her when he needed to eat and the such, because she didn't want to give him up! I don't think she understood who he was, entirely, but at 94, you just can't be expected remember all the details! It was so good to see her, I have missed her terribly since she moved with Luanne, and I got such joy from seeing her with Finn!

The Sobs got a new dog, named Shamrock, who Finn also just adored. He was the sweetest puppy-- a labrad-oodle, and just as playful and cute as can be. In consistency with his dog obsession, Finn spent a lot of time checking out the pooch and what he was doing. I think Shammie liked him, as well.

We look forward to returning when he is a bit older to visit Legoland, Sea World, Disney, and several other family attractions that are all within an hour of the Sobieski's house in Carlsbad. I also want his cousins (well, my cousins) to teach him to surf, and boogie board, and jet ski on the ocean! Oh, how fun it will be!

On the growth front, Finn is teething. He really got hit hard with it on the trip, and spent a LOT of time just bellyaching and wailing. It was very hard to get him to sleep, and though I was having a blast, was glad to come home and hand him off to Tom at bedtime! He is a very crabby boy, and I hope those teeth come in soon!

The airplane rides were interesting. He was mostly good, though still fussy because his teeth were hurting, and his ears were popping. When you travel with an infant, they let you pre-board, which I did. Though, was dismayed when there were no flight attendants to help me secure him in his seat while the other passengers were flooding in. The car seat manual said the seat secures to a plane just like a car, but that is a lie!!! The planes have no latch system, and I had a hell of a time getting the seat un-stuck from the base because the airplane belts don't fit well. Oh well, the manual said the flight attendants would be able to help me, too. Wrong on all counts, but we managed to survive anyhow!

I bought him a seat (which was really pricey, and a rip off) because I was afraid to hold him in my lap for 4 hours. I wanted to have the space to spread out and let him sleep in his carseat if he needed to. I don't know that I would do that again, either-- though it would have been a really hard trip if I didn't at least have the extra seat for floor space to put his diaper bag and other items I needed at my disposal.

It was also an adventure getting through the airports with carseat, base, luggage, purse, and diaper bag. Thank God for Mom and Erin or I would have given up on the bus from the parking area! They were a great help both in the airports and on the plane, and I am very glad I went with them instead of braving it alone later this summer. I'm not sure I would have made it by myself!

And to top things off, the van battery was dead when we got to it after our flight! Thankfully, Tom had just bought me a battery charging kit that charges the battery in case of emergencies, and we were really only mildly inconvenienced, and back in the road in 15 minutes or so. So stressful! Good thinking, Tom! He really saved our butts.

Boogie Baby

Surfer Baby

Friday, May 18, 2007

Almost Forgot!!!

Tom is being featured at Jak's tap on Jackson in the West Loop this Monday 5/21 at their Open Mic night. Many of you know him to be a prolific poet, but they have dubbed him a 'beat philosopher' and he is the featured artist that evening. We are very proud of him and looking forward to seeing him in the spotlight.

Festivities are informal and start between 7:30-8 pm. Finnegan will be there, celebrating his 5 month anniversary, and cheering his dad on. Other spectators are welcome. Since it is open mic night, you can feel free to share a piece of your mental anguish with the crowd, in the form of poetry, music, or interpretive dance (kidding about the dance bit).

We'd enjoy your company. The bar serves excellent food, and has 40+ beers on tap, and many more in bottles. It promises to be a good time, and we hope to see you there!

Colleen n Finn

Chewing and Gnawing and Drooling, Oh My!

Well, I think it's here. Teething. I'm not so pleased. Not only are my nipples threatening to seceed in fear, but I've become a giant rawhide. He drools constantly, his nose is like a faucet, and there is always either a part of me or a part of him in his mouth. Sometimes many parts at once. He is also extremely crabby, and has taken to crying all night long. That's probably my favorite part.

He has also gotten very coordinated. He slaps at my keyboard while typing, and tries to take most everything out of my hands. He also reaches out to pet the dogs (who he is absolutely fascinated with), and takes my glasses off about 15 times a day. Yesterday while walking into the basement with him in one hand and laundry in the other, he took them off and dropped them into the laundry basket. It was dark down there and I was on the stairs. It took me like 10 minutes to find them again. Little bastard.

Needless to say working from home has become quite difficult, as has cooking, cleaning, and really anything while he is awake. I suppose I will adapt to this, too, in good time. Let's hope it's fast because I feel like I'm moving in slow motion!

I am a bit nervous about this whole teething situation because we are taking a 4.5 hour flight to Southern Cal to see my Gram next week. If anyone has any infant air travel tips, I'd love to hear them!

OK gotta run. I'm being dive bombed, eaten, and grabbed at, so my attention is needed elsewhere before the tears come.

Toodles for now!

Friday, May 11, 2007


So, as predicted, Finnegan started REALLY rolling around this week, and I was unprepared for how quickly he learns things, and he fell out of bed. My bed. I felt AWFUL and probably cried more than he did.

Though he spends more time in his crib now than before, we're still co-sleeping about half the night. Anyone with a newborn knows how tired you get after week upon week of multiple nightly feedings-- and most women who breastfeed, I have found, co-sleep. So, even though I was wholly opposed to the idea before Finn came, now that he is here, I know how easy it is to be too tired to put him back in bed after the second feeding of the night, so he spends his early morning in bed with us.

It hasn't been a problem at all so far, but yesterday after Tom got out of bed, I must've dozed off while nursing. Well, he started rolling, and he rolled himself right off the bed face first, waking me with a thud and a wail. Thankfully, his face landed on a pillow that had fallen, but I think he bumped his nut on the nightstand. I don't think I've been more upset or felt more guilty, though he only cried for a few minutes and was fine. He had a small knot on his head for a few hours, but it was gone by the afternoon. I had him checked by our family Chiropractor that afternoon, and he sustained no damage-- thank god!

So, I went out a bought a bed rail that afternoon to ensure his safety while rolling luxuriously in our bed in case I doze (which won't be too likely after that incident). Here are some pics to prove that he is fine.

Please don't judge me. All kids fall, right?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Photo Op!

So, we got some professional pictures taken this week. You would think that with the whole digital revolution going that it would be cheaper. It's totally not, and I think it's a total rip off. It makes me mad. I mean the pics are beautiful, but they charge you through the nose for the prints, and even more if you want them today instead of later on, and EVEN MORE if you order them after the fact. WTF? And I'm not just complaining about the studio I used either, they're all guilty of overcharging and high pressure sales (which totally works on all mommys who love their babies). THEN, they don't tell you you can get the pics on a CD for $30 and order the prints from someone cheaper, like Shutterfly. Or at least they don't tell you until you've already ordered $110 of pics that you can't cancel. Bastards. So, anyway. Here are the pics-- which are sooo cute. And if you wany any, let me know and I can order them from Shutterfly for like 99 cents each, instead of $6 a page.

I'm only posting the pics of Finn-- there were a few taken with both of us that came out ok, but were not what I wanted. A bit too traditional and stuffy, and not as artsy or timeless as I was hoping. Also, I don't like to see myself in pics-- who does? I never look like I think I do, and it's weird. I need to get my tooth fixed before I get any more pics anyway-- that chip makes me look like a doufus.

Oh, and I have no idea why this is underlined in blue, or not showing paragraphs. I couldn't fix it, sorry!

And remember you can click on any image to see it larger scale.

Love you all!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Old and Unattractive

I did it, I became a 'mom'. Though I feel more like a lunch lady. I don't think I will ever get checked out again, and it makes me feel old, sad, and like putting on a hairnet and not shaving my legs or pits anymore. I bough at (gasp) MINIVAN.

Yep, I bought a Kia Sedona-- I know, why Kia? Cuz it rated better than most of it's competitors and is safe with a great price. It is in the top of the mid-priced category, and has 5 star safety ratings all around. It is ugly and white, but has leather interior for easy poop and puke cleanup (there goes that hairnet craving again...). It has 35K miles on it and is a bit bruised, but it has a bumper to bumper 5 year or 60K mile warranty, and 100K mile power train warranty. I only paid $10K for it, and I think that is pretty good.

I got it all by myself, and was very proud. Though I cried when I realized the only person I wanted to call and tell about it was my dad. He was sort of a car collector and really appreciated good deals. I miss him at the oddest times, and I miss him so sharply. I suppose this is what it means to lose someone you love, and it is lonely. Anyway, I hope he's proud of me from his seat next to Steve Irwin in the cosmos... and that he doesn't think I should stop shaving and wear a housecoat.

Solitary Confinement

Tom thinks this is funny. I suppose it is without context... but I am trying to get him to sleep part of the night in his crib now so I can get more sleep. And it made me feel guilty.

Rolling Stone

So, last weekend was soooo nice again, and we set up our canopy in the back yard and spent time reading and listening to music with Finn. It was a splendid afternoon, and we had a blanket laid out for Finn to play on. I set him on his tummy, and to our surprise, he rolled right over! He look surprised and confused, and hasn't done it since, so I'm not sure he really understands what happened. He has yet to roll onto his tummy fom his back, which is the larger challenge.

He is getting bigger by the day and I just packed up ANOTHER container of clothes (I need more containers!!). He has something in his mouth at all times these days, usually his hands or mine, and I think his gums are a bit sore. You can see his teeth at the rim, but I don't think they're going to be coming through right away.
He is just large enough for his jumper now, and he really likes it. It is so cute, if I can figure out how to post video, I will post a clip of it for you all to see. His eyes get real big and he gets really excited and jittery.

He is still cooing and squealing constantly, and I am still wor king on posting a video-- not sure I can do it. The clips don't seem to want to upload to my machine.

These last few pics are evidence of his bipedal dexterity (foot skills). He managed to pick his feet up out of his bouncer and through the top so he could try to catch the swimming fishies with them! Of course, then he got stuck and screamed, and it was funny so I took pictures.

As usual, click on the pics to get a larger image.