Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Videos

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Elder Abuse

Many parents will complain about their kid being hard-headed. But truly, Finn has a very hard head and uses it as a weapon. He often reels forward and throws his head back in a fit of rage, or to show his displeasure in what you are doing, and he head-butts me quite often.

Well, this time he got me good. I got a bruised, fat lip, and the lower one is split in two, and it hurt like crazy! I screamed in surprise, and we were both quite upset about it for a while.

So far, he's injured both me and poppa with this antic, and I look forward to the day he has outgrown it! These pictures were taken about 12 hours later, and a lot of the swelling had gone down, but he bruise is still quite visible.

Look at that sexy beast. I mean, ewe.

Gimme a kiss!!!!

Baby's first bike ride!!!

After the parade we went for a bike ride with Finn in his little trolley tow behind, and new helmet. He LOVED it and would squeal with delight if we went over bumps, and was talking and hollering at Daddy the whole way. We hope to make bike riding a big part of the summer, as I'm still pretty weak since the pregnancy, and we want to spend as much time outside with Finn as possible.

Here he is crying because we aren't going fast enough.

Come on, Dad, this helmet is hot!

A curl like that can't be faked. He's so sweet.

What is this thing, do I wear it?

But what is it for?

What is a head injury?

OK, then. Let's move it!

I like this thing and I want back in.

Let's do this.

Come on!!!

What is this thing anyway? It goes really fast!

Right after this he knocked the whole thing over, and screamed like hell!

Well, if you're not going to take me for a ride, I'm just going to go myself.

Dad, don't tease me! I want a ride again!

This is fine, but we're not moving!!! And I can't reach the pedals!

Very funny, daddy! Now let's move it!

Dum-Dum Sucking Baby

You know what I mean. If not, check the web for back episodes of the Soup, and the Dum Dum Sucking Monkey. The clip is priceless.

Delicious, mommy!!!

Memorial Day Parade

One of the BEST things about our house is that it is in the 'Olde' part of town, and the Memorial Day and other parades pass by about 30 feet from the house. It makes me cry every time, though I don't know why. I LOVED parades as a kid, and it's really exciting to bring him to a parade right outside our door-- I always envied those kids who lived so near all the action.

So, Finn saw his first parade, and there were reminders of my dad everywhere.... the man across the street (drinking a beer at 10 am) who was fighting his kids for the candy on the ground, the feeling of a summer morning with the family, and more...

Here is Finn hanging out in his jammies watching the festivities. He was tired, and a bit shell shocked by all the noise, but really seemed to enjoy it nonetheless.

People were throwing candy at him and waving at us like crazy (because he was the cutest kid around), and it's nice to have that small town feel. We had to call over some kids to get the candy in the end because there was a ton of it. We saved Finn a dum dum.

He liked the army guys, and not just because they were on his pants, as well.

Here he is throwing the candy back at the people. He really missed the concept of the candy. It was funny.

Finn LOVED the motorcycles.

And he also adored the fire trucks and ambulances. They all made sure to slow down and wave at him. It made me cry again.

I just like this pic. It's so sweet.

Finn also really enjoyed the marching bands, and there were three, two for high schools, and one for the middle school. The color guard was fascinating to him as well.

In this picture he is squinting, and looks like my dad.

Here as well.

Finn and mommy, waving to the candy people!

Ooooh, fake rifles!

and colorful flags!

And brightly colored clothing with people making music. He really dug the drums the most, I think.

'Weird. Did you say my great grandma rode in one of those????' I can't wait to hear him say that. We're going to see her this summer, and we can't wait.

Tranny baby, you're the one....

One of Finn's favorite activities is to play with the laundry that I have been too lazy to fold. It's quite hilarious actually, as he drapes everything over his head like it's a scarf or a fancy dead fox or mink of some kind. Here he is doing draping some pajamas pants over his shoulders in such a manner.

And here is the dangerous part. Dare I put this on the internet? Why yes. Yes I do.
Finn has found my panties. And I daresay he likes them. Especially on his head. Like in the next SIX pictures.

What a handy sling. I could put my crackers in there.

It feels nice to have undies on my neck and a blanky on my head.

Whoo, hard to breathe.

May I remind you this laundry was clean?

I have been under a blanket for a few minutes, and am very suspicious of what happened while I was gone....

Let me just take care of this blanket for you.

By putting it in a pile on the floor.
If you look closely (click for a larger pic), he is under the pile of clothes.

That was boring let's play.

Nevermind, I'll just play with this blanket. It's truly a good time, mommy.

See , let me show you.


Told you.

This kid is AWESOME.