Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gettin' my ears lowered

We went to this great place called Cool Cuts 4Kids near Borders in OP. It's AWESOME. They have cool chairs, movies, video games, a train table, and all kinds of things to keep the kiddos distracted.

I thought he would freak, but he didn't, the distractions worked, and got a little commemorative card for his baby book with hair and a picture after his first (official) haircut.

Mom, why is this lady touching my head?

Look, it's the word factory!!!

I don't like that noise by my ears. It's scary.

But I LOVE getting my hair combed. She does it slower than mommy-- probably because I don't try to take it from her all the time.


For $17, who can beat that? That's the price of NOT holding a screaming kid while getting hair in your mouth, and it's totally worth it to me!
(Though I'll probably still do most of his cuts at home).

Big Day

I had a cancellation this morning, so with as nuts as my weeks have been lately, I made haste to get some things done off my list-- including Finn's first haircut, and his two year (belated-- and they always will be because he was born during the Christmas rush) pictures.
Captain Stud man.... moving up in WHOLE numbers now....
This one reminds me of my dad because of his body posture. He also looks so big here!

Nevermind the tears in his eyes-- just look at those curls!

You wouldn't believe what we had to do to get these-- he screamed the WHOLE TIME. It was crazy. I tell you, photographers are shameless, and they just might have the best job on Earth.

Looking forward to another year with mom and dad! WOO HOO! GO TWO!

As always, let me know if you want one and I'll order you one!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out of Order

Finn's speech development is coming along. I admit, I worry because his physical development was so early (and remains ahead of the curve) and his speech is just average.

He has a hard time with hard consonant sounds, but seems to have to no interest in learning. He also doesn't really seem frustrated by his lack of ability to communicate with us, so I guess he's just not motivated.

However, as usual, he's doing things his own way. He is skipping things like shapes, colors, animals, and other basics, and can tell you about all kinds of weather, and description words. I don't understand how he can skip the nouns and move on to the adjectives, and abstract things, but he seems to be doing that.

He says rain, snow, sun, c-c-c-cold, silly, outside, pretty, and some other things, for example, but won't say home, chair, red, blue, square, or circle. He does, however, completely understand the concept of possession, and tells us all day long that everything is 'mine'.

He's an interesting kid, and he makes us laugh every day with his nonsense. I can't wait until he can talk to us better, but I suppose I will just have to!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Shiner

Finn got yet another black eye-- these pics are a few days in.

He had a giant hematoma sticking out the side of his face, big as a blueberry. He climbed on the kitchen table (glass top) and pulled off the tablecloth, and promptly an right into with his face. This is why the tablecloth is on there.

It was an hour before my first class (that I teach) was starting, and I had to call Mev in a panic, thinking he had a head injuty and needed to go to the ER. Thankfully, it was just a normal face smashing, and nothing special.

And here he is acting like a monkey. Which he is.

Filing System

This cracks me up all day long. There are ALWAYS cars in my filing cabinet. This is why.

Playing with Uncle Chris

These two are always a riot together.

I'm not sure who is enjoying this more, Chris, Finn, or Bromo.

I think maybe he was born to be a dad.

Another Visit to the Children's Museum

Finn got a real big kick out of these glow sticks. Maybe he will grow up to be a raver. But I hope not because then I would have to make fun of him.

I don't wanna work! I just want to bang on me drum all day!
(Todd Rundgren)

Drum video

Light show video

OOOh, creepy...

It's Gary's hand. He moved it all over the house. It was really funny.

He got kind of creeped out when he first pulled it off of him, but then had a great time trying to get the hand to hold things.

Fun in the bathroom

Of course this only happens when mommy is indisposed, but hey, at least he enjoys it.

And here's the T-shirt that explains it all.

I tried to be good but I got bored. Nuff Said.

Fun with the frog.

After the swift destruction of Optimus Prime, auntie Eriney came through with a sturdier tent that is the bees knees.

Needless to say he loves it and has tried very hard to destroy it, but so far it's still standing.

More hilarious picture ever.

The tent zips up and he likes to smash his face onto the mesh.

Apparently Grandma Mo does, too.

This is what happens when the tent gets all bent out of shape and he lays between the support poles.

amazingly, it's still standing.

Christmas Day

One stuffed stocking.

He insisted we open each gift entirely and letting him play with it right then!

He was so funny! He kept putting all his toys on the table and playing with them. Each time he was wholly satisfied with the present he just opened and wanted nothing to do with the next one. We really had to work at it to get him to open them all!

This is so fun!

Mommy's pink bedhead and auntie bubbles' new book! He loves it!

He really loves these word world toys, and just can't get enough of them. He has two now and plays with them every day.

Banging his heels and screaming for fun!

We saved his stocking for later in the day and let him open it in front of the rest of the family. He got excited all over again, but still wanted to play with each thing as he got it and lost interest in the stocking!

Playing with his airplane!

Reaching into the stocking for more.

Another airplane!