Friday, March 28, 2008

15 month Check Up

Today we had our 15 month checkup. He is 29 inches and 20lbs 14oz. A bit short, but proportionate (with a buddha belly that is so cute!). We're not worried about the short because each kid grows at different rates, some out rather than up, some up rather than out-- but it usually all equals out in the end with good eating habits, which I make sure he has.

We're also trying to re-lactate, since the medication I weaned him to go on isn't on the horizon for a while, if at all. I've done a lot of research (I am training to be a LLL leader) and really believe in baby-lead weaning as much as is possible. I'm going to need some more testing to determine which specialist I need to see (epilespy, neurologist, psychiatrist, surgeon, or all four), and to confirm the suspected diagnosis in my brain. From there, we need to determine a course of treatment, and I have an HMO, so this should take FOREVER-- and by that time, he will probably have weaned himself, or I'll be pregnant again. (No, we're not trying, but we're practicing with fervor, and accidents do happen!) Anyhow, the milk may not even come back at all, but what a windfall for both of us if it did! Especially for when we decide to give him vaccinations (also still on the fence about those). I know this may seem weird to some people, and we may be judged for it, but I'm okay with that because I believe we are doing the best thing for our son, and other people's opinions don't matter as much as that does. I know my California readers won't even bat an eye! I just don't get how geography shapes our cultural beliefs so strongly.

Anyway, Doc Zoom says to expect words in the next 3 months or so (boys talk later than girls), but that Finn's comprehension and identification of words is excellent. He has actually said several words (mom, mama, dada, dg for dog, and wow), but not with any consistency. According to my namesake (colleen 2), he thinks he is talking to us but doesn't quite know how to use his tongue yet. It appears he is learning and telling me all about the world around him, but I just don't speak his language, and he hasn't learned ours yet.

I wasn't nervous about it at all, though (I was totally nervous).

Hooray for Finn!

Baby in a Busket

Finn has several small toy boxes we use, because we keep different toys in different rooms, so he can get at some toys no matter where he is in the maze of gates that is our home. This is his book busket. Tom and I plan on building a bookshelf for him (someday when Tom has time and isn't working so much) to fit the small spaces in his room because we have LOTS of books. Like, two more FULL boxes worth on the shelves in his closet.

Anyhow, his new game is to take all the toys and switch them with the books. Well, today when I walked in, he had switched HIMSELF with the books, and was putting all the other toys away in the other basket. It was hysterical. Also, I have no idea why this is underlined. Sorry.

Look where I can fit, mom!

Hold on while I put this duck away.

Look! I'm just long enough-- my feet even fit!
(Little Devil shoes are really appropriate here-- thanks grandma!)

It's AWESOME in here!

I need to put muffin away as well. He's always getting away from me.

HAH! Look at me! I can even stand in here!

And now for the videos!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Potamus and Paunch Play time

I got this cool hippo bubble machine that daddy makes spray me with bubbles. I LOVE it!

I forgot all about his potamus, but I love it too! It's fun for scooting around on.

Here is my tummy.

And here it is again.

Can you tell I like to show my belly now?

Easter Pictures

All this stuff is for ME????

Sweet! This chocolate stuff is AWESOME!!!!


Mommy only let me eat the head. That is the best part anyhow.

Then I got organic cookies to make up for the chocolate!

Quack Quack

Saturday, March 22, 2008

An Irishman's Tale

So, my sister Erin was over last night and we were celebrating 'Second' St Patrick's day, since the actual day is rather melancholy without my dad, and is also Tom's birthday. We had nasty corned beef and cabbage, beer, chocolate martinis, and irish coffee, and we listened to Irish tunes by the Clancy Brothers, an old flame of Erin's, Van Morrison, and he Cheiftans. Tom was supposed to join us but he got home from work at 11pm instead. Well, we kept Finn up for him (because he never gets tired- apparently this is a Curry trait because Sammy is the same way), and he was WILD with freedom!

Whenever Erin is over she takes a lot of pictures, which always reminds me to get out my camera and take some, too. And Finn really made the room his stage! He can now show you his belly when you ask, and pinch his nipples when you tell him to. He will then, of course, in turn pinch yours, or poke at them, or whatever, and he still really likes to play pink belly on mommy's tummy.

He also came SO CLOSE to saying 'pretty'. I teach him that things he can't touch (jewelry, knick-knacks, etc) are called pretties. He was really enjoying Erin's necklace and I kept telling him 'gentle, pretty', and he looked at us and said, 'Preeee!' I can't wait until he talks and he seems so close!

I have TEN new videos I'm trying to post on Youtube-- should take all day or more, and some amusing photos of the events of the night. Again-- I SWEAR we weren't drunk-- we were high on Finn! Make sure to check the videos out-- they're hilarious!

I think Finn might be a photographer. He LOVES cameras so much.

He even likes how they taste.

He likes to get up real close to them.

And show you all his teeth.

And make crazy faces.

And drool on you.

And yell.

The Terrible two.

Erin really brings our the maniac in Finn

And it often looks like she will eat him. Like in this pic.
That's a dad face if I've ever seen one. It was nice of him to join us.
He sneaks up in the oddest places.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've added a few new videos to the Youtube page, so click on your right to see them, and hit the back arrow to go back and view more when finished.

And here is a pic of Finn shoving his hand down Tom's throat, which he does to both of us with remarkable speed and agility. It was funny when he did it to Murrey, but we don't like it so much.

We still have a lot of word-like sounds, but no more words, and though he STILL won't sign, he recognizes and nods to many signs you show him. He's gotten much more verbal and much more rambunctious, and really keeps me on my toes!!

An Irishman at Heart

Though St. Patty's day is tough for many in my brood, because it was a BIG holiday for my dad, and though we were away for Tom's 30th (practicing for more babies), we still managed to get finn in the spirit with some clothing and some music.

I lost my pants

I walked in on this one and ran for my camera. Note the lower left of the photo. He seems to have removed his pants for some reason. In this regard, he takes after his father.

A Toast to Tom's Fourth Decade

Here are a few pics of the Roast I threw for Tom's 30th, which was yesterday, and St. Patty's day. A good time was had by all and tom boar his humiliation with a smile.

Thanks to everyone who contributed in the video confessional, with a speech, or in the autograph book.

SPECIAL thanks to Cecil who baked two delicious cakes, wrote a speech, helped me with the slide show, and dealt with some personal hardships to even come to the party. He's a great friend to us, and we love him very much.

Also thanks to Chuck who loaned me the cables I needed to to make the slide show work, Meva for the piping tools for the cakes, and Sarah for many various accessories throughout the night.

Again, thanks to all!

Chuck with his litter, all in funeral attire.

Cecil gave Finn a sucker!!!!!

Then grandma and Erin gave him cake!

Tom couldn't resist during the clean up.

Bromo at home, has taken a shine to Tom's hat.

Tom being roasted, was embarrassed to death!

I've prepaid for a coffin, which is nice.

Some things are so funny, everyone laughs.

Sarah didn't mind Gary at all and LOVED dancing on the floor.

Bill and Chez guarded the achievement table.

Disco Stu, I mean Jake, had the best outfit on hands down.

This is Tom's new hat, and his detox foot pads. What a great gift.

Gary also came, as the officiant.

Erin n Jake, how cute.

Here Circles wears his prizes from Tom trivia.