Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rock and Roll

Finn just told me 'Rock and Roll!' in response to a question. Fan-freaking-tastic. No clue where he learned it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adventures in Today

Today (so far):

-Finn asked to talk to Daddy on the phone and talked to him for a good 10 minutes.

- Finn cried all the way through out 'school' class, and begged to go home. When will he get the hang of this whole singing and dancing thing??

- Finn snuck out of bed and went out in the backyard at nap time. I have no idea how long he was out there before I caught him. Apparently the little lock on the screen Align Center door means nothing to him anymore.

- I was at the store buying dinner fixins, when I realized there were things in my cart I hadn't paid for... and that Finn was reaching over (from the basket of the cart) to the next self check out lane and 'stealing' cookie mixes from the man next to me that he had already paid for.

Thankfully, I realized this BEFORE I got home, or anyone got mad. But even as I put them back on the man's belt, Finn reached over and threw them back in the cart. This kid is unbelievable. The people at the Jewel were cracking up as I tried to keep up with him and told him to stop stealing. He is SO MUCH faster than I am.


- Finn told me his penis was a volcano and it was 'gonna blow' at diaper time. Then he proceeded to make motions like it was a fire hose, complete with 'pssshhhhht' sound.

WHERE DOES HE LEARN THIS STUFF??? And seriously, with boys, it's ALL ABOUT the downstairs from a very young age... this explains so much I never understood about my teenage boyfriends! LOL. I sincerely hope the next one is a girl. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My little Student


Well, I have enrolled Finn in a few classes at the park district. Tumbling (which he TOTALLY NEEDS to burn off some energy), and a 'play with me' type of class with preschool type themes. He adores tumbling-- I drop him off and he doesn't even notice I'm gone. The first day was too funny, he learned to roll, and do the balance beam, and worked on obstacle courses, and did summersaults.

I stayed for the first class, and he CRACKED ME UP the whole time. He is by far, the most energetic kid in the class. He also has NO CONCEPT of waiting his turn. So, as the other kids did their obstacle course, Finn could be spotted taking off, running in front of them, behind them, and all around. It was SO FUNNY to see that it's not just me, he's like this with everyone. I took some pics and vids with my phone and will post them if I can, but the quality won't be great.

We are also taking a preschool kind of class to teach him how to play with other kids, and the importance of structure and following directions. So far, he is not a big fan, and asks to go home the whole time, but I hope he will learn to love it soon.

Catching up

This is part of his train set, and it's about 5 feet off the ground with no furniture near it. I have N IDEA how he got it in there, but I really respect his creativity and resourcefulness. :)

Now that I have finished my final, and the event I was planning is behind me, I hope to have time to get back on and post things time and again-- sorry for my absence! I hope to hear back soon and get more business once I'm official. My final exam was 28 pages (single spaced), so it was no small feat. PHEW! GLAD that is over!

Finn is changing so fast-- my little baby is now wearing a 3T, and is really grown into kid-hood. My baby is gone... *sigh*. He plays with such imagination now, and is always telling us 'you be ___', and then we role play like certain animals, or like we're in outer space (his new favorite thing). It's so awesome to see him embrace his creativity and imagination! I love watching him manipulate his toys and his world to be better suited to whatever game he is playing.

We talk a lot about trains, dinosaurs, and outer space. I think I invented the best game ever when I invented the Kiss-asaurus, because he will just kiss you and kiss you all over your face and it's SO CUTE. He also really loves going to see the animals. We have a zoo membership this year (compliments of a client-- yay!) and he loves it SO MUCH. It's so exciting that he has finally 'grown into' the zoo. He tells us all about the animals, and what they do, and recaps his trips to the zoo for weeks on end.

His energy level is still VERY high, and I find I can hardly keep up with him! He's such a physical player, that I need to take breaks or I can't play with him that long! He is always jumping and 'flying' and rolling and doing summersaults! He's my little gymnast!

He has done some adventuring lately as well! He went on a weekend 'safari' with Poppa and Grandma and Sammy, and he just loved it. He didn't miss us at all, and really had a great time! I missed him~ I was sort of lost without him because its not often I get a break~ but the husband time was nice! It's too easy to forget what that is like!

I swear those two could pass for siblings. Did my genetic contribution mean nothing??

He also went to the Lincoln Park Zoo with Grandma (my mom) and apparently had an exciting 'monkey encounter' through the glass, and still tells us about it. I'm telling you, those monkeys knew he was one of them and wanted to know how he got out. He also tells us that grandma ate his hot dog-- but that was just a misunderstanding. :)