Friday, April 18, 2008

Hold me closer, toilet dancer.

Finn climbed the toilet and shredded three rolls of toilet paper while I was mopping the floor.
He did so without a sound, and when I noticed the silence I knew I needed to find him immediately.
When he saw me, he smiled and danced to show me his newest project and how proud he was of it.
There are no pictures because now we do time outs and talk about what he did wrong instead of taking pictures.
It's more consistent and doesn't reinforce the behavior, no matter how cute he is when he does it.
I hate discipline, but it is necessary, and I'm a bit behind.... so enjoy the story without the pictures.

Stacking Blocks

This kid is amazing. He does something new every day and I can't even believe it. I'm constantly surprised that he can learn faster than I can adapt. Just tonight I said something about my glasses, and in response snatched them right off my face, with purpose, and pride! I didn't know he knew what that word meant! Clearly his nonverbal vocabulary is quite large, and once he starts talking, I think I'm in for a dose of what I put my mom through. He's a quick one, both on his feet and with his wit, and I'd better get ready, because those twos are coming!

His Buddy Bromo

The love these two share is just amazing. Finn kisses him, hugs him, climbs him, and harasses him all day long. Bromo just sweetly takes it all in, sometimes offering a few kisses in return. Sometimes, though, Finn gets a little intense and Bromo runs away, but in this instance, the sweetness is pure. Oh, and at the end you can hear him say 'dog dog dog dog dog'.

Nighty Night, little one

I took this pic as we layed him down to go to bed, to show that he was snuggling with Petey, Tom's favorite old one-eyed dog from his own boyhood. It was pitch black when I took the pic (because I'm so mean, but MUST document everything), so his eyes are bugging a little, but you can see the cuteness in him anyway.

How did you get up there?!?!??!

As we were talking, Finn somehow climbed this, and was sitting atop laughing before we noticed. Mind you, he was in my line of sight, so he was so nonplussed, and untroubled with his activity, that I failed to even notice his ascent. Also, that cabinet is like 3 feet high. This kid is a monkey, and will need lots of outdoor activities, but sunscreen makes him break out and his pristine skin is fairer than even mine. So I need another kind (suggestions welcome) and a few hats, and we're outta here!

Reading a book

This kid is crazy. He seems to know exactly what to do with everything. I need to stop swearing before he can talk....

Look at all those teeth!

Finn now has 4 molars, 4 on top, 3 on bottom, and more coming but he wont' let me look. He's a tooth monster. I can't believe how many he has!
Click for a larger picture.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

MORE tricks

Finn has also mastered climbing on the toilet and dancing on it, as well as throwing himself into the tub to get to Daddy while he's showing. All this morning. He's a quick study, he is.

This kid is awesome. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Video Tricks

Here are a few vids of Finn doing his table dance and a few other tricks. Enjoy!

Best Buds

Finn and Michaela spend a lot of time together, because Colleen2 watches Finn while I clean, and we meet up before LLL meetings. I'm also painting her house in return for all her help. When we tell them they will see each other, they squeal and point out the door. It's awesome.

I think Michaela needs a diaper.

Finn seems so happy to hang out with her!

Finn is happy as can be here. He's so cute.

We also humiliate them in the bath together. We have the same name, so why not?

And here is my little Romeo going in for a kiss. He kisses her a lot. It's really cute. He seems to know it's appropriate to kiss girls more than boys, already, but I have no idea how.

Pleased as punch with his peck. Michaela doesn't seem to care much.

Another thing he does is pet people. Here he is petting her in the tub. But no heavy petting, mind you. They're only babies!

Playing "Where's Finn?"!

and another stroke for good luck...

And for some reason, Tom was impressed by these pics. I guess he just isn't around moms much, because we ALL do this. It's why we have hips.

New Tricks

So, Finn gets up without us in the morning-- he's started rousing at 6am, which is KILLER.

Anyhow , I stay in bed as long as possible, remembering to baby-proof the house the night before.

Except sometimes, I don't remember, and he spends his morning pulling out all the pots and pans and putting my shoes in the cabinet.

He also likes to hide the dustpan and broom. He's quite mischevious.

Finn also almost talks now. Other than Mama, Dad, and Wow, he now says KEEEEE for kitty, and DAW for dog, and barks at them when they are vocal with a oafffff 0afffff oafffff. He cracks me up all day long.

He also learned to climb ALL the furniture. Specifically the ottoman, the coffee table, and the couch.
He LOVES the coffee table.

And the picture of my dad-- especially for sitting and standing on.

And he LOVES to look outside.

This kid will be the death of me, I think. We're going to start Karate, Soccer, and dancing as soon as he is old enough, because I fear he will climb the walls without enough outlets. Literally.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who's Your Mommy?

As you can see, these photos look a lot like Finn, but they are not.
They are me at his age!
I don't know when he stopped looking like Tom and Started looking like me, but holy cannoli Batman, that kid could be my clone.
Tom is threatening a paternity suit. You know, just to make sure it's not the mailman's kid. Idiot.