Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hero Helmets

This is the name of the bath time game when Tom puts bubbles on both of their heads and Finn laughs like crazy. Tom also taught him to say 'Wow' while in the tub, playing with the frog decals. So we have a new word, too!

Tom's hero helmet. Don't you wish he was your husband?

Little Finny's hero helmet, and matching smile.

Mommy, how come you don't have a helmet on?

My god, this kid is cute.

Here are my warriors of the bathtub, with their helmets and spears.

Finn is trying to get the bubbles off Tom's head here, it's very funny.

But instead we blow some of the bubbles off his helmet, and he laughs like crazy.

And then looks to see where they went.

I really couldn't tell you who was having more fun, Finn or Tom. But I'm not sure that matters!

He finally gets Daddy's helmet! Yeah!

And now for the smashing.

And the all-important head bump. It's like a baby handshake.

And then sealed with a kiss! He loves bath time with his daddy.

Michelle's Pyramid

I have no idea why he did this, but it was really cute and he wouldn't let go!

Now don't be gross about it! He's just a baby!

My little Mountaineer

This is the bowl we put the dog food on. We have to keep it up while Finn is in the kitchen, or he eats it and spills the water all over the floor. This is what he does with the stool when we do that.

The Hunger Strike is over

In the last week or so, Finn has been very sick. He had 103 temp on and off for several days (but mostly on), and was so miserable all he did was cry, nurse, and sleep. He is thankfully, all better now, but he was all diarreah, runny noses, and high fever for about a week. We were beginning to wean him before this, but thankfully I still had milk, because he stopped eating entirely and only nursed. It was good that he was able to get complete nutrition, and it was cool that he seemed to know that was what he needed to get better faster.

Well, he started eating solids again yesterday, but is taking his time. I suppose the weaning is just going to take longer now, but I was glad to have been able to feed him that way while he was sick. Being a parent to a really sick child is a very powerless feeling, and this made me feel like I was helping, and not just watching him suffer.

Murrey, this is MY banana. Get your nose away from it!

Mmmmmm... food.

Boy, is this delicious!

Murrey, get away! I dropped it, I didn't give it to you!

Oh, and then he stole my chocolate bar later on! Stupid me set it down, and then it was his. I let him have some, since he hadn't eaten in so long, and he seemed to think it was bliss.

I think this is face most of us wish we could make when eating chocolate. Complete with the eyes rolling back into the head.

The Red Ewok

For those of you who aren't local, it is VERY VERY cold here. So when it came time to take Finn outside, I opted to put him in his full body coat instead of him teddy bear coat. I got this at the thrift store for $3, which is awesome, and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute on him. Another item of note, is that he LOVES to wear these mittens. Sometimes he gets mad when I take them off, and he likes to touch your face with them on. It's so sweet.

Not Again...

Finn's Seesaw

This is our elliptical machine. Unfortunately, it sees more action from Finn than it does from us. and man, does he love climbing on it!

Is it a Turtle, or a Stool?

This is Finn's friend the Turtle. He actually got it for Christmas last year from Poppa and Grandma Lynn, but I held on to it until it seemed more age appropriate. This is his favorite thing, and he plays with it completely the wrong way! It comes with blocks and you are supposed to put them in the holes on the side of his shell, and then press his head for a song to play and the blocks to come spilling out.

INSTEAD, Finn will usually walk over to you with the turtle, which is half his size, grunting and moaning all the way and give it to you. If you do not take the turtle, he won't put it down, he will stand there and cry as it gets too heavy for him. It's a riot.

Well, he found an other to play with it-- it makes a good stool, too. As a matter of fact, when Meva was over last week, she commented on what a cute stool it was, because that is what he was using it for! I find it hilarious that climbs on top of his toys to get a better vantage point to play with his other toys. See for yourself.

Can you see me, mom? I can really hit all the buttons from up here!

Here the turtle helps him to play with ALL the bells and whistles on his bilingual toy station.

I am composing my first masterpiece!

and like a Meerkat, he also just likes to stand watch on his turtle, so he can see what is going on.

And he has discovered he can sit on the turtle's head and it sings a song while the shell pops up.

A few that slipped by me

Here are a few more Christmas Eve pics with the Reid family. I guess I hadn't emptied my other memory card yet.... oops. Well, better late than never I guess!

Finn got a taste of something delicious! I can't remember what but I think it may have been cheesecake. Either way, he liked it.

Believe it or not, these two looked like siblings at Finn's age!

Finn enjoyed taking down all the decorations and smashing them.

It was just so sweet when he took his nap on my brother! Finn was so comfortable and Chris really seemed to enjoy the snuggle time as well.

He really likes Uncle Chris, and even when I'm around chooses to spend a lot of time with him. I think it's sweet and I hope they have a really close relationship.

These are pictures of all of us just hanging out at the kitchen table, and Finn found a silicon trivet thing, and had a GREAT time playing with it.

He especially liked to smash it on Grandma Mo's face.

Lots and lots of times.

But Daddy wasn't exempt either!
I tell you, the best toys aren't toys at all!