Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I know there are two posts where the videos aren't uploading. I don't know why. I hate it and am giving up for now. I will try again later. And sorry, because they're really awesome videos.


A game Daddy taught him, and yet another reason why it is dangerous to leave your laundry out.

Oh, and I figured it out. He looks like ET did on Halloween in the ghost costume. And no, that's not me panting in the background. It's stupid Murrey.

The Nose Trick


I SWEAR he laughed the whole time, but I course, I couldn't get any shots of it. He normally just puts all his toys in the sled, but this day he went for a sleigh ride and loved it.


Everyone attack Daddy! And pick his nose!

Here is Finn's hind-end hurling himself onto and over Bromo like he is a mighty cliff.

And now the koala bear hug that Daddy needs to supervise and intercede.
Poor Bromo.

Look what I found!

You should see it, Daddy!

Let me show it to you... putting it in your mouth

And now let's all laugh!

The New Peekaboo

No, Finn is not wearing pants. It was almost bedtime. Just be happy that Tom is.

And now the best part-- the video.


Choo Choo
keee (kitty)
meme (mommy)
dee (daddy)
goya goya goya
oh no!
let's go
me (when he wants something , like your lunch)
no no no!
ook (book)
fog (frog)

Seems that he's caught up with his language, and he seems to learn something new every day. Tom is on the edge of his seat, waiting with breath held to have a conversation with him. I, on the other hand, love his baby babbles with a bit of english mixed in, and don't ever want it to stop.

He's also really into stacking and is learning that some things fit into other things, and some things fit on top of things. It's cool to watch him experiment and learn. He likes to take his large riding hippo and put it on things and then sit on it. He's working on balance, too. It's a riot. He also empties out his toy bins (tall round baskets) puts them on their sides, and rocks them back and forth, yelling 'wheeeeeee'. He puts everything in something or on something and I find myself ALWAYS looking for a shoe, a sock, a pair of pants, a toy, or a sippy cup. It's horrible when he gets into my laundry before its folded because he hides my undies. He's finding great joy in this world, and is a wonderful little man. He's growing up too fast.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Three things:

1. Finn likes to bite toes, and it HURTS, and never fails to catch you by surprise.

2. He likes to take off his shoes and put them in his toys, and take off his socks and put them under the ottoman.

3. He likes to play 'sniff' (daddy taught him this) where you sniff all over him like you're a dog, and he sniffs you back by pressing his nose into your face and laughing that gorgeously cute hiccup laugh we all love in children.

This boy is the best.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kinda slow

Even though it's a month until we move, Tom has taken my table I work on. So my computer has no place to sit, and it's a pain in the arse to upload pics and video. Be patient with me.

Also, my Bradly training is in 13 days, so I need to hustle on that, as well.

Sorry for the drought. But he's still awesome, I promise.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

More words

Not an hour later, as we were putting on his shoes, he held one up for me, and said, 'Shoe' clear as day.


The E says eh

Finn brought me a letter E this morning, and said E. All matter of fact. So I said, does E say eh? And he said eh. Then he danced around saying eh for like 10 minutes. He's so cute and he's learning so fast!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So, we're bink-less for about a week now, except for naptime and bedtime. Already his speech is improved.

He says cheese, car, please, choo choo, dog, me me (mommy), Dee (Dad), mama (grandma), and poppa. He likes to take the last syllable of the word ONLY, so it's really cute.

He says lots of things all jumbled together as well, like 'where'dhego'? 'et's go', and a few more.

He also slept though the night for a few nights there (finally) but is getting more teeth, so I guess that is postponed again.

He also says 'Vote Obama', which I think is very cute.