Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Go Climb a Tree

Today I had a meeting in the home of a midwife about some classes I'm going to be teaching for her. She has three kids who were older, but quite excited about Finn coming to play with them, and he was equally thrilled to be playing with new kids.

They chose to play in the backyard, and I was unaware that there was a treehouse up there. It was about 8-10 feet off the ground, and the only way in or out was to use this ramp built with the little 'grippers' people use to learn rock climbing, and a rope. Well, apparently, he just followed them on up there all on his own, and wouldn't get down.

So when Amira came to get me to tell me he was stuck in the treehouse and couldn't get down, I was dumbfounded and worried. When I saw where he was, we both laughed because he was in HEAVEN up there, singing songs to the world about aliens and the such, but I asked Amira again, 'how did he get up there?'. And she told me 'he just climbed'. He just followed the big kids up a ramp that was built with a difficulty level for a kid twice his age and size, and didn't even think about it.

Now, its important to note that I have two broken toes and am having back troubles. Thank god for the pain pills, because I had to climb up there and get him (which was not easy at all and very painful), and then carry him down. All the while thinking he WANTED to get down and play with the older kids.

Well, we got him settled, and not 5 minutes later Amira came back in to tell me he was in the tree again and he wouldn't come down. Again, I asked her how he got up there, and she told me, 'he just climbed up'. I WAS FLABBERGASTED. This kid is a serious athlete. I wish I had pictures to show you what he scaled all by himself TWICE. So I went out to check on him, but he didn't want to come down. So I left him, singing to the 'aliens' and the 'christmas houses' in the neighborhood, and told the kids to come get me if he wanted to get down and not to let him try it himself.

A half an hour later, all four kids came into the house. I asked again, how did he get down???? Puzzled and amazed he could climb down since those climbing stones were spaced as far apart as he is long... and they said, 'oh, he just climbed right down'.

Unbelievable this kid. Unbelievable. I REALLY need to find some serious gymnastics training for him, because he has more than just talent or tenacity, he is fearless, has endless energy, and can absolutely do anything. He blows my mind, really, and I think we might see him on a few Wheaties boxes in our time.

The Lady Who Bit Me

Here is what Finn says:

I was in the line. And the lady pulled down my pants and she pinched me on my leg and it hurt and I cried!


I was in the line, and there were kids playing, and the lady pulled down my pants and the spider bit me and it hurt and I cried.

What Really Happened:

We stood in line for the H1N1 vaccine last week. We all needed to get it for having pregnant women in the home as a risk for spreading, as well as my being healthcare worker, and Finn under 3. Tom also needed it for his asthma.

So, there was no waiting, but kids playing that he was sad to be kept from while I whisked him through the line. We yanked his trousers, he got a quick shot in his thigh, and he cried quite loudly, but all the while I laughed, because he kept telling me a spider bit him and it hurt. It's been a week, and he keeps telling me about it, and I have to wonder what he thought of the whole thing. It cracks me up to think of what his brain made of the whole situation.