Monday, February 22, 2010

Socks and underpants

Every day my son takes off his socks. No matter how cold it is, he takes them off. He's a barefoot hippie kind of kid, I guess. Yesterday, he made his dad put two pairs of socks on him and he left them on all day. Isn't that strange? I thought so, too.

Finn is really into acrobatics. He can almost do the balance beam with no help, and spends a lot of his day doing sommersaults and flips and sits upside down on the furniture a lot. He's also getting very independent and like to do thing by himself, try his hand at everything, and turn the lights on and off all day long (called 'making the light dark').

We're making some moderate success with potty training, though he responds to daddy much better than mommy. I hope in a few more weeks we'll be all done.