Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Entymology of Mr. Finn

Check this out-- it's awesome. I'm going to need to plan a trip when Finn gets bigger. I love being Irish, and a glad to pass some of our traditions and lore on to my kids.

We already know about the song-- Finn and I both have songs about us. Finn's is Finnegan's Wake, best when preformed by the Clancy Brothers, and I have Star of the County Down, best by Van Morrisson and the Cheiftans.

Finn's story and song:

My song:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tom is featured again

Tom will be appearing again as a kick-ass poet and featured artist on Tuesday, July 1.

We would appreciate if some of you came to show your support for Tom's poetry, intellectual activity in general, and the Chicago art scene.

It will be held at The Cafe at 5115 N. Lincoln in Chicago, at 8pm.

Please contact one of us for more info if you're interested!

Thank you for showing the love!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bubbles, Smoothies, Wagons, and Fun

This is my wagon. Mommy and Daddy used it to keep stuff in and I was NOT happy about it. It is MY wagon. Is this the beginning of those terrible twos???

I also got a strawberry smoothie one day and it was soooo goood!!! I ate the whole thing instead of sharing it with mommy.

Just look at those curls!!!

My hippo bubble machine makes me really happy and it was nice to play outside when it was not so hot!

Starved Rock Lodge

Finn learned to swim (sort of) this weekend. Within half an hour he stopped slipping and stumbling in the kiddie pool and was ready for the big pool, and within half an hour in there he had mastered his 'buoyancy' level with his floatie on, and was loving learning to kick, reach, float, and move toward Tom or me.

It was too hot for hiking, so we spent most of out time in the pool, and though he was a bit restless, we still had a really good time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Museum Videos

I don't want to work, I just want to bang on me drum all day! --Todd Rundgren
As you can see, Tom liked the exhibit just as well-- told you we ALL had the time of our lives here!

It amazed me to no end to watch him put these together all by himself. We didn't prompt him at all, he just seemed to know what to do and did it. My kid is such a little engineer!

This was another favorite-- he really liked balls, and loved figuring out how stuff worked, watching it work, and then stopping it from working. I can already see what a sand-castle smashing smart-ass he will be!

The Naperville Children's Museum is the Best Place on EARTH!!!

We went to the Children's museum in Naperville while Tom was on vacation as well, and I think it was the most fun we have ever had-- all of us! The place was cheap, huge, easy to get to (thanks to 355), and there was more fun in any one corner than you can imagine!!!

Finn would cry when I would try to move him because he didn't understand there was fuin stuff EVERYWHERE and not just where he was at. We had so much fun!

On the ride there, we gave Finn his first Jamba Juice, and a few strawberry stains later he was the happiest boy I have ever seen!

These were huge blocks that he was picking up strong man-style and flopping over. It was a riot!


and a lawnmower!!!

Look, I can make music with Daddy's tools!

Bang Bang!

Smash Smash!
Are you SURE I'm allowed to do this?! This is the best day of my life!

I think he might be a drummer. But I really hope not.

Here are Finn and Tom in the wind tunnel. Finn didn't like that but daddy did.

He kept stealing all the other kids balls and running away!

He actually put these things together with no instruction of leading from us. It was so cool to see how developed he is!

Here he is saying please so I will help him get his block back, but in the end, he didn't need me

I still can't believe he can do this!

There was this AWESOME tunnel he and daddy went into, though he fit better than daddy did. They both had a great time, though!

Here he sees me below and squeals with delight!

And he ran from Daddy like mad and it was WAY too funny to watch Tom waddle along and try to catch him.

This is my fave pic of the whole day.

Here he learned how to put the ball in the top and watch it roll down the slats to the bottom. He was a big fan of that.

He also really enjoyed walking through this maze that was not meant for this at all, but his skill in manipulating the pieces to move through was amazing, and he really loved it. I wish we could come here every day.

I tried to get a good shot of how small this hole was to show you, but I just can't make you realize how small it was. And he fit ALL THE WAY inside of it. It was riotous. He kept putting gold balls in there and going after them. What a man will do for his balls!