Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today's news

1. When I turned on Blue Planet for Finn, he looked at me and said, "Oh wow, Mom. A whale."

2. When I got my haircut today (something I don't often attempt with him in tow) he put his firetruck in the chair next to me, and gave it a 'haircut'. Then he told me it looked pretty.

3. While preparing for my class tonight, he took one of my babies, and walked around rocking it, saying, "baby cry, mom. baby sad." Then he asked me to sing to the baby, which I did. Then he sang to the baby, and put it 'na-night', and told me 'baby sleep'.

Yesterday, he took three of my babies and layed them all out head to foot on a body pillow, and went down the line snuggling with them, tucking them in, and kissing them until they were all na-night. Too cute.

4. As I vacuumed and swept today, he ran and found the mini-broom my mom found in the garage and gave to him last week (new fave toy, btw), and 'helped' me clean the floors. Then, when I was vacuuming stairs with the hose, he took the stick part of the vaccum, and went downstairs to vacuum his toys.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Daddy Tricks

Finn often picks something up, as if to drink it, and says 'Mmm, it's good!'.

Today, Tom taught him to say, "Mmm, it's good Whiskey!'.

At the grocery store.

Heaven help me.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

More fun around the house

Finn is sillier and more skilled than ever. Here are some thing I found photoworthy.

These days Finn's language is blowing up as well as his creativity. He calls everything that goes either a bike or a racecar, calls to people by name, and has gotten very adept at finding and crawling into small spaces.

He repeats what you say, acts like a dog (including licking your face), and tells my dogs to 'be quiet' when they bark, and to 'sit down' when he wants to hug them. As I type this he has crawled under my desk and licked all of my toes. That's new, and I don't know why, but he thinks it's hilarious, and admittedly, so do I.

We've taken to putting tape over any small crevice in the house, because if they fit, there are matchbox cars (sorry, racecars) in there. This includes our speakers, file cabinets, computers, fireplace, and more. He's a creative kid, and he really likes to hide those cars.

Well, I'm lost on details to share for now, so enjoy these and I'll post again when things calm down around here.

Pulling a Perrin

We call this pulling a Perrin for a reason.

read here.

Perrin is still the master of taking off his clothes, and we don't have to put his footie jammies on backwards yet, but this still cracked me up because he had no idea how to get his shirt off of him like this!

Cream cone

This is Finn's newest fascination. A cream cone. He made this one himself and walks around pretending to lick it, and making you lick it.

Creative Problem Solving

This is Jackson's playroom. Finn likes it there.

I would like to note that they are in a cabinet. Jackson is FOUR YEARS OLD and has never crawled into this cabinet.

Finn, however, took all the toys out, and crawled right in in no time, and then taught Jackson how. My son has a special gift for Danger and Mischief. And Climbing.

It's hard to see, but this cabinet is like 3 feet off the ground.

Here they are, with sister Stella, winding down after a long day of climbing at Auntie Amber's house. That night, he slept well.

Pink Eye

So, it's hard to see in these pictures, but Finn has looked like some kind of rabid beast for days. His eyes were raw and red swollen so you couldn't see the lids. He's been crying nonstop, and I haven't been able to take him outside, or even in the car at all. It's been rough. I thought pink eye was no big deal, but I guess I was wrong. This was a real show-stopper.

Just today it started looking a little more normal, though he's still not sleeping well and very clingy. I can't wait until this is out of his system!

Hopefully, he will look like this again soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sorry, things have been crazy. At the end of last month I had 3 births in one week, and then 3 post-partum checkups, and the list goes on.... so I've been away. :)

A short little news bit is that Finn has pink eye. He's been very upset, and I've been just as upset when I give him the eye drops. But when I ask him, he tells me he still loves me each time, so I guess it's OK even if he does keep his distance for a while after I hold him down and squirt stuff in his eyes...

Here's a recap of the last 48 hours or so...

In the morning, he woke early and climber into our bed to harrass us into waking up like he usually does. I coaxed him back to sleep for a little but, and when he awoke, Daddy had left for work already. Finn woke up and said, "where's my bink?", which he still gets at bedtime and had left in his room. He then got out of bed, went and got it, and then made me help him put it away because 'Its not night night time, mom'. Then he went back into my room, looked at me very seriously and said "Daddy far away. He at work." It was very cute.

I knew he wasn't feeling well when we went for a wagon walk to the park (two of his favorite things) and he had his hands over his eyes and whimpered the whole time, and then wouldn't play on the slides at all. Then I took him for his first ice cream cone (because he tells me about ice cream cones all the time), and he hardly ate any. He DID, however, eat a bunch of potato chips, instead. His menu choices continue to baffle me. By the time we got home he had rubbed his eyes raw, and they were so swollen you could hardly see his lids. Poor kid. And I had to close all the blinds in the house because the light hurt his eyes.

So, we made a doctors appt the next day. On the way he kept on crying because it was 'too bwight'. But when we hit a patch of construction with tons of weaving and traffic cones, he felt well enough to exclaim, "Mommy has a RACECAR!" which was hilarious.

Then, after our pink eye diagnosis, on the way home, he started paraphrasing the movie Tarzan. It's one of his faves, but it's been over a month since we put it in. His favorite part (click to view) is where Tarzan (after a wild baboon chase) are introducing themselves. Finn said to me "No, no, no (throat clear) I'm Jane." Clear as day, and with hand movements. It proves that he has really been paying attention, and it was so cute.

Then once we got home, I tried to put him down for a nap, but he was too miserable to sleep. I left him up there for a while, to at least play quietly in his room, and I picked up the house. As is my habit, I set some things that needed to be put away outside his door, to take care of them when he woke up. When I went back upstairs a while later, a mischevious little monkey had taken all the things I left outside his door onto his changing table, and taken all the blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals from his room and put them there instead. It was so adorable, I laughed out loud and took him downstairs for more eyedrops and a little Tarzan.

I hope this pink eye goes away soon! And I will post some more updates in teh next few days, since all my plans have been cancelled until this clears up!!!